Why do I need a Keynote Speech?

Why do I need a Keynote Speech?

Why do I need a Keynote Speech at my corporate event?

You are organising an internal management/leadership/corporate event as an annual activity for reflection & planning, a seasonal event to align strategy, or as an event in a unique moment in time (launching a new product, a merger, a crisis, a celebration, etc) and you want to optimise this opportunity so you are wondering, "Should I get a Keynote Speaker?” and if so, “Why?”

This article will highlight the benefits of hiring a Keynote Speaker for your corporate event so you can understand the return on investment.


Peter Drucker, the Grandfather of Management Thought Leaders, said that every business has two, and only two functions: Marketing & Innovation. He goes on to say that all other activities support these two functions. I happen to agree. Marketing & Innovation are the two key functions of business because both are key drivers in reaching the ultimate goal of every business: Growth.

Marketing needs alignment. Innovation needs inspiration. Growth needs both. So why is this relevant for your event? Because I believe the right Keynote Speech can help grow your business by Aligning & Inspiring your teams. For more insights check out our article: What is a Keynote Speech / Speaker?


A Keynote Speech can Grow your business by Aligning & Inspiring your teams.


Aligning: Creating a Shared Vision.

Without a regular reminder and refreshment of your vision and the direction of travel, there is a great risk that daily tasks, deadlines, and targets distract or distort what you are doing and why you are doing it. Confusion is the enemy of implementation. This is then the first benefit of having a Keynote Speech at your event: A Keynote Speech aligns by refining and refreshing your what, why, & how.


A Keynote Speech aligns by creating a Shared Vision.


Alignment towards your Vision transforms it into a Shared Vision. A Vision may exist in an organisation however if it is not owned, embodied, and shared by everyone it will not be acted upon.


Inspiring: Possibilities & Practical Actions.

The word ‘inspiration’ literally means to ‘breathe into’; inspiration gives new life and energy to your activities. Inspiration gives a clear sense of possibility in what can be achieved, and it also gives practical actions that can be taken today. Every Keynote Speech, independent of the topic, must be inspirational.


A Keynote Speech gives Tailor-made Inspiration.


And to be truly effective a Keynote Speech must offer ‘Tailor-made Inspiration’. Because the real power in a Keynote Speech is less about offering general inspiration but more about offering specific inspiration that can put into effect immediately by the organisation. This creates practical possibilities.


Topics that Align & Inspire.

It is interesting to note that till now I have not discussed the topic of the Keynote Speech. This is because I believe that if the Keynote Speaker can not firstly align and secondly inspire the audience it will not matter what the speech is about. The best Keynote Speakers intuitively know this and therefore whatever topic they are speaking about will be used to align & inspire.

In summary, the reason why you need a Keynote Speech at your corporate event is because a Keynote Speech does three essential things:

  1. A Keynote Speech grows your business by Aligning & Inspiring.
  2. A Keynote Speech aligns towards a Shared Vision.
  3. A Keynote Speech gives practical possibilities with Tailor-made inspiration.

If you want a full description of its benefits before you download this Checklist, check out the Guide to finding the right Keynote Speaker for your corporate event page and you will see all the reasons why.

Guide to finding the right Keynote Speaker

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