Why a Professional Keynote Speaker will make you Laugh.

Why a Professional Keynote Speaker will make you Laugh.

Why a Professional Keynote Speaker will make you Laugh.

Research has revealed that humour is important in learning. When used correctly, humour in educational settings activates the brain's dopamine reward system. This is important for goal-oriented motivation and long- term memory. So laughter is good for learning.

A Professional Keynote Speaker understands how humour, as a unique human characteristic is critical in thought, communication and social interaction.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the importance of humour in a Professional Keynote Speech so you are more informed when you consider booking one for your internal corporate event.



Humour and creativity have the same roots. Both involve breaking assumed patterns of thought. In humour, the joke leads you in one direction (creates a pattern), the punchline takes you in another (breaks the pattern), and, when you make the connection, you laugh (creates a new pattern). This is the HAHA moment.

Humour in this regard ‘free’s the mind’. It opens possibilities. In a Professional Keynote Speech, it can be used to liberate limiting mindsets and break free from restraints. As James Joyce said, “He laughed to free his mind from his mind's bondage.”


A Professional Keynote Speaker uses humour to open new possibilities.


Used effectively, humour is a sign of intelligence and indeed wisdom. Wise people are often known for their ability to laugh. This form of humour is not sarcastic, cruel, or forced. Instead, it is appropriate for the situation and topic.



When we learn something new we create a new pattern. When we discover the answer to a question we have been asking, when we solve a puzzle, we will experience a similar joy as we do from a joke. The HAHA moment is the same as the AHHA moment.


A Professional Keynote Speaker presents information in an entertaining way.


A Professional Keynote Speaker understands that humour is a good place to learn from. Professional Keynote Speeches present information in an entertaining way. Great education is entertainment. And great entertainment is education. See our article: A Keynote Speech is the Right Balance Between Entertainment & Information.


Laughter is good for learning.


An additional, and important, benefit of humour is that it increases comprehension by enriching content. The more perspectives we have on a concept, the more insights we will have into it, the more we will comprehend it. Examples, references, stories, and humour all help to enrich the learning process and the content of a Professional Keynote Speech.


So the next time you are considering to hire a Professional Keynote Speaker for your internal corporate event, ask them how they will use humour to increase comprehension, communication, and their social interactions.


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