When Should I Hire a Keynote Speaker?

When Should I Hire a Keynote Speaker?

Success is not defined by doing the right thing. Success is defined by doing the right thing at the right time. In business, timing is everything. So a key question across all professions is to ask, “When is the right time to make this investment?”

A Professional Keynote Speech is an investment that can maximize the impact of your intern management event. So it is important to know: “When Should I Hire a Professional Keynote Speaker?”

The goal of this article is to highlight when it is best to hire a Professional Keynote Speaker for your organisation so you can decide when to invest in them to help grow your business.


Who are you hiring?

A Professional Keynote Speaker speaks at the beginning of an event to set the tone, and establish the framework, for everything that follows. (See our article: What is a Keynote Speech / Speaker?)

A Professional Keynote Speech sets the underlying theme, the most important revelation, and the core message that everything else in your event will follow. This makes it the most important Speech at your event.


Why are you hiring them?

The purpose of a Professional Keynote Speech is to grow your business. (See our article: What is the Real Purpose of a Keynote Speech?)

A Professional Keynote Speech boosts the motivation & action of your teams, makes your CEO & Leadership look good, and ultimately grows your organisation. This makes it an important investment for your organisation.


A Professional Keynote Speech grows your business.


So when is the best time to invest in a Professional Keynote Speaker?


When to hire them?

It is best to hire a Professional Keynote Speech in a moment of transition.

While we could argue that all organisations are in a continuous moment of transition, it is also clear that there are some moments that are more significant than others. (See our article: Why do I need a Keynote Speech at my corporate event?)

Moments of transition can be based on the business calendar: annual meetings at the beginning or end of the year, and quarterly reflection & planning meetings.

Moments of transition can be based a unique moment in time: the launch of a new product or service, a celebration, or an anniversary.

Moments of transition can be based on strategic change: a merger with a new company or partnership, a pivot in operational strategy, or the next three-year plan.

Moments of transition can be also be based on a crisis*: the downsizing of a department or the closing of a product line.

* A Professional Keynote Speaker will recognise that crisis and victory are a natural part of the growth of an organisation. Therefore, whatever the crisis might be, there is an opportunity to learn, reflect, and carry forward a new set of actions.


Hire a Professional Keynote Speech in a moment of transition.


In all these moments of transition, an internal management event can be used as a strategic tool. Because in moments of transition it is essential to gather your organisation and teams to reinforce alignment towards a common vision. Therefore, it is best to hire a Professional Keynote Speaker when you are organising an internal management event during a moment of transition.


For more information on how to choose the perfect Keynote Speaker & Speech for your internal management (corporate) Event download The Keynote Speaker BEST FIT Checklist below.

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