The Top 3 Reasons Why CEO’s Love a Great Keynote Speaker.

The Top 3 Reasons Why CEO’s Love a Great Keynote Speaker.

The Top 3 Reasons Why CEO’s Love a Great Keynote Speaker.

One of the key stakeholders for your internal event is your CEO. So when you consider hiring a Keynote Speaker it is best to be aware of what your CEO thinks is important. Here are the Top 3 reasons why they will love a great Keynote Speaker.

The goal of this article is to highlight the reasons why your CEO loves a great Keynote Speaker so you know what to look for when hiring your next Speaker.


1. A great Keynote Speaker makes your CEO look good.

By definition, a Keynote Speech sets the tone (the key-note) of your event & establishes the framework for everything that follows. This means that a great Keynote Speech is not about the Speaker at all but rather is about the event itself. (For a full definition of what is a Keynote Speaker see our article.)

Great Keynote Speakers intuitively know this. They also know how to do this in such a way that it makes everyone else look good, including your CEO.

A Keynote Speech is not about the Speaker, nor about their topic. It is about your event and everyone who has initiated it and is taking part in it.


2. A great Keynote Speaker reenforces your CEO’s message.

One of the great strengths of a Keynote Speech is that it reinforces your CEO’s message by saying what has always been said. Repetition, repetition, repetition is the key.

Every organisation needs to repeatedly remind their teams of what they are doing, why it is important, and how this impacts others. There is the power in saying what your CEO has always said, see our article on The Impact of a Keynote Speech.

This is then multiplied by the fact that the Keynote Speaker is an external voice of authority. The old saying, ‘You cannot be king in your own country’ applies here. Those who are unfamiliar to us we treat differently than those who are familiar.

With an external perspective, they see things in a new light, so the Keynote Speaker can weave in new insights, stories, and examples. This not only reinforces your CEO’s message, but it also enriches it.

In this way, a Keynote Speech is an outside voice that stimulates an inside vision. It helps people see what they have always seen, in a new light. These new perspectives are the seeds of growth.


A Keynote Speech helps people see what they have always seen, in a new light.


3. A Keynote Speaker Grows your Business.

The focus of every CEO is growth. While the definition and dynamics of this change, depending upon where your organisation is in its life-cycle, the focus will always be on growth.

Whatever growth means for your organisation right now, your CEO wants your event to help achieve it. Your event is directly or indirectly working to achieve the next level of growth for your organisation.

And a Keynote Speaker works to achieve this by first aligning to a shared vision, and then by inspiring your teams towards a direction of travel. A great Keynote Speech does not end in words, it ends in actions; actions ultimately that grow your business.


So the Top 3 reasons why your CEO will love a great Keynote Speaker are:
1) They make your CEO look good.
2) They reinforce your CEO’s message.
3) They grow your Business.


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