The Keynote Speaker BEST FIT Checklist

Your Event is a Strategic Tool.

Your Event is a Strategic Tool.

Every event is an opportunity to grow your business. Use this Checklist to turn your event into a Strategic Tool.

Your Event is Unique.

Your Event is Unique.

Every event has a uniqueness purpose. Use this Checklist to find yours & get the most from your event.

Your Event Aligns & Inspires.

Your Event Aligns & Inspires.

Use your event to create a shared vision, increase collaboration, & move in the same direction of travel.


Find the best Keynote Speaker for your event & organisation.

The Keynote Speaker BEST FIT Checklist is for corporate event managers who are, part-time or full-time, responsible for the creation & implementation of an upcoming internal event in their organisation and specifically are looking to hire a Keynote Speaker.

Find the Purpose & the best Outcome for your Keynote Speaker.

Whether you are organising your first internal management event or you are an experienced event organiser, this Checklist is designed to help you find the best Keynote Speaker for your event, your team, and your organisation.

“This checklist gives you the first set of actions to take internally before you even start looking for a speaker. Then the set of actions to find the right speaker that fits your event. Not every speaker is right for your event. Instead, you can use this checklist to find the right Keynote Speaker for YOUR event.”

- Paul Hughes

A Practical step-by-step Guide.

Download this free Checklist to use your Event as a Strategic Tool to Grow your Business.

What Budget you Need

Learn how much budget you need to reduce risk and optimise the impact of your event.

Align all Stakeholders

Discover how getting everyone on board will radically increase the success of your event.

Find the Best Keynote Speakers

Learn where to look for the best Keynote Speakers that are set right for your event.

Where to Host your Event

Learn how ‘location, location, location’ is essential in getting the most from your event.

When to Hold the Event.

Discover how timing is everything and how to plan the right event at the right time.

Choose the Best Speech Topic

Learn how the theme of your event and the Keynote Speech topic are aligned.

Make your Event a Strategic Tool.

Every event is an opportunity to grow yourself, your team, & your business. Use this BEST FIT Checklist to make sure you turn your event into a Strategic Tool.


From the desk of Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes is a Professional Keynote Speaker: Inspiring you to Master Growth. Your growth is my why.

I come from a long tradition of Irish storytellers, that has inspired me to use humour, clear articulation, & ‘professional warmth’ to connect with audiences in over 40 countries. With 25 years experience, I have been called a ‘TOP Professional Keynote Speaker’ and voted ‘Best Speaker’ numerous times for my unique speaking style.

All of this is to share with you one thing: I am passionate about sharing my experience to make your event into the best event that it can possibly be.
This is why I have created this The Keynote Speaker BEST FIT Checklist, so you can follow an easy step-by-step guide to find and choose a Keynote Speaker that has the best fit for your internal management event.
I look forward to the possibility of meeting you in the future on-stage or off-stage.
Paul Hughes Professional Keynote Speaker on Growth

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