Professional Keynote Speech Hot Topic: Business Growth

Professional Keynote Speech Hot Topic: Business Growth

Professional Keynote Speech Hot Topic: Business Growth

In the 1000’s of Events I have spoken at, there are many Speech topics I have been asked to address. However, no matter how diverse these topics may seem on the surface¹, they all have one thing in common: Business Growth.

Business Growth is the ultimate Speech topic. It can be addressed directly in the Speech title (for example, ‘The Dynamics of Growth’) or indirectly through another title (for example, ‘The Impact of Disruptive Technologies’). Whether it is addressed implicitly or explicitly, Business Growth remains the hot topic at Corporate Events.

The purpose of this article is to highlight that ‘Business Growth’ is still the most popular Keynote Speech topic that is addressed at Corporate Events, so you can use it as inspiration to choose the best Speech topic for your event.

1. All of my Professional Keynote Speeches are tailor-made to reflect your corporate vision, strategy, and values. They cover the following categories: Business Development, Human Resources, Innovation/Creativity, Leadership, Management, Strategy, Teamwork & Motivation, Marketing & Communication, Entrepreneurship & Start-Ups, Business Transformation, and Corporate Culture. However, Growth is the overarching theme of my work and this is translated into the following speech topics: The Dynamics of Growth: The Patterns, Principles, & Practices of the most successful organisations in the world. The Trilogy of Growth: How Leadership, Innovation, & Branding can Grow your business. Leading Growth: Sustained your Business Growth by creating the right Culture. Innovative Growth: How creating alternatives drives a Culture of Growth. Branded Growth: How to Grow your Business with your Brand.

The Topic of Growth is Transactional & Transformational

The key to success, where success is always a personal definition, is about achieving better results. Indeed, what distinguishes a great business from an average business is the ability to achieve results. And great businesses know how to get results that are not just transactional but also transformational. For more information see our article: The Power of Questions to Transform your Event.


Growth is about getting the right things done.


Transactional results are all about operations. Getting things done. These are quantitative actions and are about change. Most businesses tend to be quite good at this. However to transform you need a different type of result. These results are not just about getting things done but about getting the right thing done. These are qualitative actions and hence transformative.


Your ability to Grow defines your ability to get results.


And while there are many things that might help get better results, there is one thing that drives all results: growth. Your ability to Grow defines your ability to get results.

  • Growth remains the number one Keynote Speech topic at Corporate events.
  • The topic of Growth has both transactional & transformational qualities.


The Topic of Growth is Results-Driven

Therefore, at the heart of my work is what I call Results-Driven Growth. This is where I work in a systematic way to help organisations learn faster than the speed of experience by focusing on their unique form of growth to achieve better results.

Results-Driven Growth is built upon three foundational pillars: the pillar of attaining knowledge, the pillar of applying knowledge, and the pillar of creating knowledge.


Growth is about attaining, applying, & creating knowledge.


Keynote Speeches are also built upon these three pillars: new insights on growth are offered (attaining knowledge), practical processes for growth are highlighted (applying knowledge), and the principles to create a Culture of Growth are encouraged (creating knowledge).

  • The topic of Growth is Results-Driven.
  • The topic of Growth is about attaining, applying, & creating knowledge.


First Pillar of the Topic of Growth: Attaining Knowledge

A Keynote Speech on Growth gives new insights on what growth is and can be. So the audience attains knowledge. This is the starting point for growth. However, while there is much talk about growth, there is little talk about the types and styles of growth that are needed. Growth is not a one-size fits all solution. Growth needs to be tailor-made.


Growth is tailor-made.


Your type of growth will be defined by where you stand on a spectrum of The Lifetime of a Business, from an Infant Business on one end to a Mature Corporation on the other. This type of growth is a science.

However, your style of growth is more an art. Your style of growth is always personal and is what defines your leadership style and Company Culture. When you know the type of growth you need and the style of growth you have, you are set to maximise your results.

  • The topic of Growth gives new insights so the audience attains knowledge.
  • The topic of Growth is tailor-made.


Second Pillar of the Topic of Growth: Applying Knowledge

A Keynote Speech on Growth then highlights practical processes for growth. This is about applying knowledge. There is a big difference between knowing something and doing it. Action is required to apply knowledge. Growth is knowledge in action.


Growth is knowledge in action.


So no matter how engaging a Speech can be, it only comes to life when it is translated into practice; knowledge needs to be applied. And you need to discover what works and what does not work in your context. Growth therefore is an ongoing process that has moments of success and failure.

To find out more about what you can do to apply knowledge after your Corporate Event see our article: What Relationship should you have with a Keynote Speaker after your Event?

  • The topic of Growth is practical so the audience applies knowledge.
  • The topic of Growth addresses moments of success & failure.


Third Pillar of the Topic of Growth: Creating Knowledge.

A Keynote Speech on Growth encourages principles that create a Culture of Learning. Because from a Culture of Learning new knowledge is created. Within this pillar the two other pillars blossom: new knowledge is applied and as we learn, from what works and what does not work, new knowledge is attained.


Growth supports a Culture of Learning.


And the key to sustaining growth is to realise that it is not about creating a Culture of Success, but rather a Culture of Learning. Organisations blossom when the focus is on the liberating process of learning rather than a limited outcome of success.

  • The topic of Growth supports a Culture of Learning where new knowledge is created.


Business Growth is the ultimate Speech topic. You can address it by helping people attain knowledge, apply knowledge, and create knowledge in a Culture of Learning. You can address the topic of growth directly or indirectly in Speech titles. However, what is most important is that you do address it.

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