Booking a Professional Keynote Speaker is an Insurance Policy.

Booking a Professional Keynote Speaker is an Insurance Policy.

Booking a Professional Keynote Speaker is an Insurance Policy.

As a Professional Keynote Speaker, I’ve attended 1000’s of events, on- stage and off-stage. From infighting backstage to last-minute floods, I have seen almost everything that can go wrong. And therefore I have many ideas on how to make an event go right. So I always remind my clients of the ‘Insurance Policy’ they get in the form of my extensive experience they can use to reduce the risks at their event.

The goal of this article is to remind you that a Professional Keynote Speaker has extensive experience of previous events and, because they can share this knowledge with you to reduce risks they act as an Insurance Policy for your internal event.


Risks are Natural

Whether you are organising your first internal management event or organising events as part of your job description, or if you are an experienced event organiser, something unplanned will happen. Problems are a natural part of any event. No matter how well we prepare, your real strength is in how you manage problems. So the goal of this article is to remind you that a Professional Keynote Speaker, because of their extensive experience, is there to help you solve these problems. (For more on the different types of Keynote Speaker see our article: What are the Different Types of Keynote Speakers?)


The Keynote Speaker is there to solve problems.


Natural Risks

In the language of insurance policies, there is a concept called ‘Force Majeure’ – meaning “superior force”. This refers to unavoidable accidents, extraordinary events, circumstances that are beyond your control; these include strikes, crimes, and Acts of God (earthquakes, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc).

I once arrive in India to attend an event at the end of the Monsoon season (the rainy season). Everything was set up and ready the day before the event: a large marquee tent with a capacity of holding 1500+ people next to the hotel. However, the last rains decided to come the evening before the event. The heavy rains flooded the field and left the interior of the tent flooded in 15 cm (6 inches) of water; an Act of God just as everything was ready! It would have been impossible to drain the water from the site in time for the event the next day. So that night the team built a platform above the water, raising all the equipment, the stage, and the seating on to the platform. The event took place the next day smoothly without any of the attendees knowing they were sitting above a flooded field.

This is an example of problem-solving skills are their best. I often tell this story to organisations to highlight that even seemingly impossible problems can be overcome with the right mindset. This is your real Insurance Policy.


Problem-solving skills are your real Insurance Policy.


The show must go on!

The unwritten rule of every event is “The show must go on!” because no matter what happens the event can always go on. And when you hire a Professional Keynote Speaker they also work with this attitude.

So the next time you hire a Keynote Speaker, use their extensive experience of previous events to help solve your problems. Booking a Professional Keynote Speaker is your Insurance Policy.


For more insights on how a Keynote Speaker can help elevate your event, and reduce your risks, download Risk Report on hiring a Keynote Speaker for your corporate event below.

Risk report on hiring a keynote Speaker

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